Survived Moving Day . . .Barely

Well, Wednesday, otherwise known as Moving Day this week, came and went and I’m still here.  I made it through!  My old house is now empty, EMPTY!!!  It looks so weird empty.  It’s no longer our home, now just a house we once lived in.  We went back yesterday to get the last of the odds and ends that were still there (which filled the entire back of my Explorer with the seats down!) and then it was done, we were moved out.

Moving Day was a crazy day.  At moments I thought I might not make it.  Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but in the moment I thought I literally might just fall over.  At just after 7am the movers arrived.  Let me tell you people, I will never and I mean NEVER move without movers ever again!  Movers are the BEST!  They unloaded our house into our garage, loaded up all of our furniture and boxes from an almost 3000 square foot 2 story house into 2 moving trucks, moved us 20 minutes away, stopped for a lunch break (which we bought for them, and let me encourage you to do that, they’re moving your stuff, keep them happy and fed!) and unpacked the 2 moving trucks into our new house putting the items wherever I wanted, set up beds, hooked up our washer and dryer and everything and were done by 3:30pm!  It was amazing!  If you ever move again, two words of advice. . .GET MOVERS!  If you think they’re expensive, they can be, but they are worth every single cent.  Call around, get quotes, ask for referrals from your Realtor or friends, have the movers come look at your house and tell them what you exactly need/want moved.  Not all movers are the same, so do you research and find out the movers that will be best for you, but bottom line. . . get movers.

Another word of advice, don’t pack things you’ll still need to use on moving day.  I’m sure that sounds like common sense, but when your life is filling boxes for several days on end and all you can think about is filling those boxes, sometimes you fill the boxes with things you still need lol!  Take, for instance, this bowl.

The morning of Moving Day my kids got up and were getting ready for school and I realized that all I had for them to eat was cereal and milk, but I had packed ALL OF THE DISHES.  Until I found this one lonely bowl in the pantry that was holding sauce packets.  You know, the packets you collect from all of the take out joints, that you save, endlessly for who knows how long because they never go bad because they’re not real food, but I digress.  I found the bowl and I washed it, and one kid ate breakfast and I washed it again and the other kid ate breakfast and I washed it again and I ate breakfast, because it was our only dish lol! So yeah, don’t do that.  I also may have used a plastic water bottle as a wine glass the night before, because well, I needed a glass of wine.  You may call it tacky, I call it resourceful.

After the movers left, the daunting task of unpacking began  When you downsize by almost 1000 square feet, this task is even more overwhelming. For hours, literally hours and hours I opened box after box and tried to find new homes for all of our belongings.  Tears of exhaustion almost made it down my cheeks around 11pm but I was too focused on unpacking to let them roll.  At about 1am I decided I had done all I could do for that day.  Beds were up and made, kids were sleeping, the majority of the kitchen was unpacked, including bowls so we could eat breakfast without rewashing one bowl over and over to eat cereal.  We were home and it was time for me to sleep and I was happy.

It’s now been 2 days since moving day and all of our belongings are now at our new house!  They’re not all put away, we’re probably about 70 percent unpacked but we can live now and we can even park both cars in the garage which is a pretty amazing accomplishment if you ask me.  Our back covered porch currently looks like this, which actually makes me very happy because those are boxes that I do not have to unpack anymore!

The rest of the house is mostly livable, still stuff everywhere, but we can function.  I spend my days unpacking in between real life (of being a full time Realtor, bussing kids around, picking up to go food, cause goodness knows I’m not cooking yet, and whatever else life throws at me).  So the rest of the house currently looks like this.

(This is family room or the junk room currently.  Eventually all of those walls to the left will be gone and this will be part of the Great Room)

(Notice the large box of stuff behind the couch, yeah, that’s more stuff to donate that I realized I don’t need as I was unpacking it all.  This was AFTER purging stuff as I packed it LOL!)

There are 5 large boxes hiding in the corner that you can’t see.  I’m not even sure what’s in them because my husband packed them and he doesn’t label things quite like I do, so it’ll be a “fun” surprise to unpack those.

(Camo by my lovely kids getting themselves breakfast in clean, unpacked dishes.  The kitchen is the most unpacked of all of the rooms.)

Not pictured are the kids rooms which are 95% unpacked, our room and the pantry.  I made sure to unpack the kids rooms first so they can escape to them to chill while I pull out my hair unpacking the rest of the house.  It’s a good safe zone for them lol.  Our room, not so much, it’s still a box jungle.  The pantry is my favorite room in the house.  It’s HUGE and I forgot to take a picture of it, but don’t worry, you’ll see it in a post in the future I’m sure.

It’s not pretty yet but it’s home and I know we’re going to love it here.


CalBRE# 01984572

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