Moving Day Eve: Boxes for infinity

Today is moving day eve, which means tomorrow is moving day, which means I’ve been packing for what seems like an eternity (reality, like 2 weeks) and it feels like it will NEVER END.  My least favorite part of owning a new home is moving.  I HATE moving.  I mean it, I truly deeply loathe packing, moving and unpacking, but mostly the packing part.

I’m pretty sure that the cabinets in my current house have some sort of evil magical power where they create more stuff the minute I close the cabinet door.  Seriously.  I open a cabinet, load all of it’s contents into 1, 2, 10 boxes, then close the cupboard door only to open it and find MORE STUFF.  I honestly do not know where all of this stuff is coming from.  I am finding things that I have not seen since I packed it in a box to move INTO our current house!  Today I packed the last half of my kitchen. I thought I had most of my kitchen packed last week, but 7 giant boxes later today and it’s finally packed, minus all of the food.  I’m telling you, evil magical cabinets did this to me, that’s all I can think of because there’s just no way I’ve got this much stuff.  I mean look at this, this is less than half of my kitchen in my car.

The good part of moving is that I am going through every single cupboard, drawer, cabinet, box, closet, etc. and purging, donating, selling, getting rid of stuff! We are moving into a house that is almost 1000 square feet smaller than this house and it truly feels so good to get rid of stuff that we never use! Bigger and more is not always better people.  In our case, one of the reasons we sold our house is because it’s just too much house for us.  It takes too much time to take care of a home that is larger than our needs require, which means less time with family, friends, doing things that we love.  Simplifying and downsizing, that’s what this move is for us and I’m so excited about that part of it.  But I’m honestly not sure how we have accumulated so many things that we don’t use, maybe have never used, in just under 5 years.

I’ve also decided that there’s something weird that happens to you when you buy a house; after awhile you forget (or remember a bit less) how terrible the moving process was.  It’s kind of like giving birth.  There must be some sort of hormone or something that your body makes after you get settled into your new home that makes you not remember quite how painful and messy and hard and exhausting packing and moving is.  Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but if you’ve ever moved, you know what I mean.  But seriously, this moving thing is kicking my butt. I’ll just sit here in my sea of boxes for a minute and rest before I go find another evil cupboard to pack up.

Tomorrow is a new day, and MOVING DAY, which means I will no longer be living between 2 houses packing and loading and unloading and packing some more.  The packing will be done, everything will be at one house and the unpacking and renovating will commence.  And what makes tomorrow extra special, WE HIRED MOVERS!  First time ever.  I think in the past my husband thought I possessed some sort of super human strength to carry pieces of furniture 5 times my size up flights of stairs, but this time I talked him into us hiring movers.  Yippee!!! My new best friends (that I’ll be paying by the hour) will be here bright and early to load all of my stuff up into a nice big truck and unloading it into our new house.  Now that’s worth getting excited about!

Alright enough procrastinating for me, back to my sea of boxes and my evil magical cabinets. Next time I post I’ll be posting from our new home!!!

6 thoughts on “Moving Day Eve: Boxes for infinity”

  1. You crack me up!..but isn’t it sooo true!! Moving bites!
    Nice point you made about excess…there is something to be said for simplicity…trust me there are some “pros” shacking up in 31 feet of tin.
    Wishing you many blessings in your new home!


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